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    "It's like in the great stories. The ones that really mattered. Even if you were too small to understand why. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn’t. Because they were holding on to something... That there’s some good in this world. And it’s worth fighting for." Sword from Stone Camelot was formed on July 13th of 2018 by King Arthur and a handful of close friends. It was unlike the other alliances at the time, which hid behind larger alliances for protection and boasted of their ignorance to avoid conflict. Instead Camelot was one of the few paperless alliances of the time, whom you could count on one hand. And for a month this remained true as King Arthur's charisma worked its way into the hearts of his future Knights. The first to arrive was TheShadow, once a spy, now a master of military arts but who's rashness saw him exiled from all previous homes. The second to arrive was Epimetheus, once a king who's lords slaughtered themselves and ran from the battlefield, his only desire to regain his honor and overcome failure. These three heroes instilled in Camelot the values it will carry into the future: Courage, Ambition and Meritocracy.
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    Nuclear Fallout Is the subtitle of this next conflict that occurred in late-august. The 13 city nation 'United Pakistan' applied to Camelot, despite owing the 'Nuclear Knights' 100 million (because he left after taking grants), this was a top 15 alliance with 150,000 score and 60 members. KillzBob the head of Foreign Affairs and Heir to Nuclear Knights approached Epimetheus and negotiated the return of this money. Camelot agreed to repay it within 1 month since we were a smaller alliance. The Nuclear Knights initially agreed but changed their mind and launched 3 wars against 'United Pakistan,' the defender won all 3 wars with ground troops, missiles and nuclear weapons. The Nuclear Knights then demanded they launch more wars against Zain which Camelot refused to allow. Threatening war between our alliances. It was at this time that we aligned with Guardians of the Galaxy (who recognized our bravery and signed a protectorate) to roll Nuclear Knights: Preparing a blitz sheet and telling our members to be online. Outwardly the game speculated we would instead attempt this with 'Typhon' and 'La Mafia' since we had worked with them not a week prior, this was not the case and we never fought beside them again. Before the blitz we notified the Black Knights and they attempted to mediate hours before our attack. KillzBob in a panic couped the Nuclear Knights for approximately 6 hours, stalling out attack, before returning the alliance to its first leader. The Nuclear Knights lost a significant number of members and went from a top 15 alliance with a MDoAP with the Black Knights to a protectorate with 30 members, before ultimately transforming into the 'Solar Knights' when the rest of the old guard abandoned it.
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    Moonlit Walk Otherwise known as 'Shadow's Rebuild War' this was Camelot's debut conflict against a self-proclaimed hegemonic bloc in the lower-tier. During their first month of existence, Camelot had grown to 20 members, including the three heroes, with an average of 10 cities and 1,000 score. And now they sought to rebel against those who would so callously impose their will on others and proclaim sovereignty before they had even fought the war. Knowing the odds were stacked so heavily against them, Camelot enlisted the help of Typhon an alliance all three heroes were familiar with, an enemy... a rival... an ally of Camelot's ancestor-alliances. And at the time, a fellow paperless alliance whom they deemed honorable. Typhon stood 60 members strong at 36,000 score. On the 19th of August, 2018. Camelot and Typhon blitzed the Empire of Moonlit Sakura. The only member of this bloc without a 'protectorate' from a top 30 alliance. Our strategy was bold and simple, by attacking one member of the bloc the other three signatories would come to their aid; resulting in a 4/2 we were confident could be won through our superior skill. Unexpectedly an ally of Vanguard Bloc named 'La Mafia' joined the attack on the Empire of Moonlit Sakura. But decided to 'white peace' at the behest of their allies. Over the next 48 hours, The Silk Road entered into negotiations with Camelot, refusing to defend their ally and enter into a war in which they held a numerical, economic and political advantage... During this time they displayed the cowardice that would eventually destroy them. First it began with a group chat, but after Camelot refused to accept anything but their surrender, the negotiators for Silk Road began adding random members of Rose, The Commonwealth and Vanguard. They attempted to fool and intimidate us but we saw this for what it was and left the chat after 3 hours of repetition. Every hour that passed, Camelot and Typhon destroyed more of the Empire of Moonlit Sakura's units. The Silk Road knew this and created a new 'peace server,' to negotiate. Camelot participated for an hour but eventually retired after their hosts began locking channels and deleting messages to remove context. Dishonorable. Out of options the United Nations of Culture, asked Vanguard Bloc (with whom they had their protectorate) to negotiate on their behalf. WSPhoenix reinvited Camelot to the peace server and immediately began threatening us. This failed. WSPhoenix then consulted with the Black Knights, requesting that they cancel their treaties with Camelot, the Black Knights abstained. This failed. Finally, a second diplomat from Vanguard Bloc arrived and after being more respectful than the previous delegations reached an agreement with us. And even as this was signed, WSPhoenix attempted to trick us into agreeing to peace without our partner Typhon. Camelot refused and the deal proceeded as normal. One of our final requests was to delete the peace server, in which so much was taken out of context. The second diplomat from Vanguard Bloc granted our heroes Admin and they proceeded to copy all that was of relevance before deleting it. After a day or two the heroes looked back and noticed that there were several channels they had never seen 'Coalition planning' and the like. They now had the opportunity to learn their opponents true intentions, included in these logs, were future plans to wait out the NAP and attack Typhon. As well as coerce the Black Knights into cancelling Camelot before the next major-war. Camelot revealed these plans to Typhon and signed a Mutual Defense Pact, ending the plot. Ultimately leaving the Black Knights to come to their own conclusions.
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    Fealty and Faux Finality After a month of remaining unaligned and paperless, the three heroes convened and discussed the future. There existed four empires at the time which dominated anyone that stood in their way and sized each other up for colossal conflicts. The heroes agreed treaties were necessary but unlike other alliances that begged, they sat and decided who they would grace with their allegiance. Loyalty is not bought and neither is the honor that inspires it. The Syndicate Self-exiled for over a year after their hegemony defeated the combined forces of the Inquisition. Rumors persisted that like before they demanded the obedience of their allies. Perhaps this improved the younger alliances they invested in but Camelot was a free spirit and would not bind it's wings. The Knights Radiant A lone super power that thrived in the hegemony of the past. Their theme and code of honor was well respected by the heroes but recent and opportunistic wars stained their history and painted a large target upon their back. Paperless An unwritten sphere unto itself. To be be truly paperless, one would fight where and how they desired. Not bound by contract or blood but by a spirit of entertainment. All three heroes wished to embody this... but the other paperless alliances of the day instead sought profit and the humiliation of their enemies. The Inquisition The Three heroes knew the Inquisition the best of all the empires. Not necessarily for their kindness, abilities or values although they possessed a measure of each. But for their reliability. Unlike the others, the most prominent reason against aligning with this empire was shame, for Epimetheus did not wish to burden them or deliver false promise after his cowardly lords fled in the last great campaign. The heroes voted and the next day, King Arthur approached the Black Knights of The Inquisition. The vote had passed 2/3 with King Arthur and Shadow in favor and Epimetheus against.