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  1. Thank you for choosing to apply to Camelot. Please fill out the following form so we can see if you would be a good fit for the alliance. Basic Information: Nation ID: Discord Username: Recruited by: Questions: Q1: How did you hear about Camelot? A: Q2: Were you ever a part of another alliance(s)? If so, name the alliance(s) and the reason for your departure. A: Q3: How knowledgeable are you on P&W, and have you played any similar games before? A: Q4: What do you want from the alliance, and what can you offer in turn? A: Q5: Can you be active and refrain from going long periods of time without logging in? A: Q6: Are you okay with using Camelot's standard improvement builds in your cities? This could mean changing your nation's continent. A: Q7: Can you follow Camelot's raiding policy of avoiding members and allies of top 30 alliances? A: Q8: Camelot has an elaborate system of grants for cities and projects. To support this system, our tax rate is 60/60. Is this okay? A:
  2. - Protectorate Program - Welcome to Camelot's Protectorate program. The purpose of this thread is to outline the application procedure, rules and benefits for any potential protectorates. Application | Via Discord Join the Camelot discord server and type -New Applicant this will create a private channel where you can reach the joint heads of Foreign Affairs, Azazel and Aero. Once you state you want a protectorate, you will be asked to provide the following information: Alliance Name, government line-up, goals and your issues with other players. Come prepared to pitch yourself as a future ally of Camelot. Expectations & Qualifications We hold ourselves, our allies and our future protectorates in high regard. It is important you preserve your reputation or at least display an effort to improve it when you apply. Treaties | We do not permit our protectorates signing or retaining other treaties. Warfare | We do not permit aggressive wars without notice and approval from our government. Raiding | We do not permit raids against top 30 alliances or those allied to the top 30 alliances. Mentor | A representative from Camelot may require unrestricted access to your discord to guide you (if you are a newer alliance). Treaty Limitations Warranted Aggression | You will be protected from unprovoked attacks. However we will not escalate wars in which you were the aggressor. Wasting Time | If a member is raided and your alliance is able to defend, you are expected to counter and only call Camelot if necessary. Alliance Warfare Protectorates are not required to participate in any of our alliance-wars. However, if you are attacked during the war, you will be expected to fight until it's conclusion. Agreeing to peace without permission from Camelot will results in an immediate conclusion of the treaty and an end to future diplomatic relations. Cancellation Should you fail to meet our expectations whilst a protectorate. We will grant you 72 hours notice wherein the treaty is still in-effect so you can find new allies, when possible we will extend this period for up to 30 days. However should your actions place the alliance in immediate danger we will only offer you a 12 hour grace period, during which we will only defend you against raids. Accepted | Denied Camelot is a democracy and should you meet our expectations the government of Camelot will vote on your application. Once the vote has been concluded you will be notified of the results. If the government voted in favor of protection, this will be your official offer of protection. If Camelot voted against the treaty, you may apply again after 60 days if you have made any noticeable improvements. Benefits of our Protection Camelot is one of the youngest alliances in the top 10 and we pride ourselves on a fresh outlook and a willingness to adapt. First and foremost, we are able to offer economic assistance to underdeveloped nations, educational material, mentorship for the government and assistance with design and technology. To prevent both parties from stagnating, we expect you to meet the following requirements for a treaty-upgrade when the protectorate expires after 6-months. Membership | 30+ Nations Alliance Score | 40,000+ Tiering | City Average 10+ Warchest | Net $600 Million If you meet these requirements, you will be offered to upgrade to either a MDoAP or an ODoAP.
  3. The Following members may never reapply or be accepted to Camelot or Camelot protectorates. Any alliance accepting these members be warned, we reserve the right to attack them at any point in time. Protectorates be warned, even under our protection we may see fit to attack a member on this list. Those alliance's we embargo are free to cease their transgression or misuse of the market and they will be removed from this list. Asshats - Alliances Camelot Embargos The Knights Radiant - Trade Bot that detects mis-trades (and an unwillingness to return them) Shit Heads - Nations barred from entering Camelot Nokia - Handed an empty bank to the enemy coalition. American Syndicate (World Star) - Led his alliance to attack us whilst we were allies. Avatar Patrick - Abandoning position with little to no warning, failure to follow raid rules & leaving with debt. Additionally: Poaching, Spying, Harassing and attacking members. Jake Tapper / CNN News - Avatar Patrick Alt Christian Eriksen - Tampering with roles and discarding Camelot assets. George Patton - Leaving multiple times with no warning, leaving in debt. Less than Amazing People - Nations kicked from Camelot, however may reapply Mujtaba - Kicked for multiple rule violations
  4. - Diplomacy First - Purpose The purpose of this directive is to clearly outline Camelots policy regarding raids, counters and attacks on Camelot or her allies. Diplomacy First In the event a nation from an alliance in the top 30, or allied to a top 30 alliance, attacks or raids a Camelot member or ally, Camelot’s Archduke of Foreign Affairs will contact their respected alliances leader or head of Foreign Affairs to discuss the raid. Camelot will allow the raider / attacker to pay the damages in full to avoid any counters or other military action by Camelot. Shoot Second In the event a settlement can not be reached within 24 hours, Camelot will fully slot the raider / attacker. From this moment on, if the raider / attacker requests peace, they will be required to pay for the losses of the counters, on top of the original raid. This policy is in play to deter potential raiders. Peace In the event a settlement is reached and agreed on by both parties, peace for the original raid and payment must be sent, during this time Camelot will NOT launch any attacks. Once any payments have been received and the original raid is peace, Camelot will authorize the counters to peace. Offshore Bank Any attack on the offshore bank of Camelot will result in an “immediate counter” scenario.. This means, any raid or attack on the offshore bank of Camelot will result in immediate counters. These counters can be ended by paying reparations for the costs of the raid / attack. Signed by Epimetheus Written by Azazel
  5. Excalibur is a Lightsaber??? He had slain all his enemies and conquered the known galaxy! The Immortal Emperor rules over all! However, he sensed that he had missed something. Was the Force telling him? He thought back to a tale one of his commanders told him, some ridiculous legend of a sword stuck in a stone. He who could wield it was destined to be a great and mighty ruler. Excalibur, was it? Perhaps he ought to investigate…. He scoured the corners of the galaxy, year after year, decade after decade, century after century. What a fruitless endeavor; perhaps the Force was wrong? But then he felt it - an immense pull to an obscure location - Camelot. The Eternal Fleet was ordered to warp through hyperspace to find the weapon. In the middle of a barren field, the hilt of a sword protruded from a large stone. And next to it, stood a tall man, dressed in rags. There was nothing exceptional about his appearance. However, he projected a certain aura and had this fierce look in his eyes that seemed….. familiar…. The Emperor watched as the man reached for the sword and grabbed the hilt with both hands. He began to pull with all his might, but the sword did not budge. Still, the man persisted and the Emperor watched. After hours of waiting, the Emperor thought it was now time to put the poor man out of his misery. Just as he was about to raise his hand, he heard a familiar buzz. He looked up, and he saw the hilt of Excalibur in the man’s hand. But, the blade was not made of steel! No, it was a golden lightsaber, the same as the Emperor’s! The man introduced himself as Arthur and proclaimed himself King of Camelot. King Arthur wished to help expand The Eternal Empire. Perhaps the Emperor had found a worthy apprentice…. // Signed Rose // Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs: Mhearl // Signed Camelot // King: @Arthur Morgana: @Epimetheus Merlin: @Uriah 'the Fox' Lancelot: @Viselli Archduke – Education: @Randomdud Archduke – Milcom: @George Patton Archduke – Economics: @Alphalion Archduke – Diplomacy: @George & @Aero Tl;dr Rose and Camelot have signed an MDoAP treaty
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