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  1. State of the Kingdom

    October 2020

    Greetings fellow Knights of Camelot! 

    We here from Royalty and the rest of Government extend our congratulations to you fellow members for excellent growth and community involvement, and we expect to improve more as time marches on and we draw closer to the New Year. There is much to discuss here, as this has been quite an eventful year for us and we are reaching the final quarter. First thing to note is that we have managed an unusually long peace that has lasted well over 6 months. This has both its benefits and drawbacks that will be explained later on. We will be going over new changes and the state of all our departments, addressing what has gone right and areas in which needs improving.



    Quest for the Holy Grail (Econ)

    Economics Department is currently lead by Archduke Alphalion who has his own report recently released (Sept. 2020)


    We are revamping the Economic section of our government with Alphalion stepping in as Archduke of Econ and Azazel (King Bumi) relinquishing his role of Interim Archduke of Econ. Thank you Azazel for your hard work and dedication! Along with this change comes a change in our econ priorities. While before we let our Knights choose when they got their next city by letting them apply on their own (and still do to an extent), we are now requiring many members to build cities with the provided funds on a scheduled basis. We are focusing on building from the bottom up. Keep an eye for Econ updates and our Notice Board in the Discord server to keep up to date, as the fine details of this growth program are being set and fleshed out.


    Another Major Change involves securing our banking system to guarantee your holding will be well protected by all threats, foreign and domestic. This new system may slow down withdrawals and grant/loan approvals as we’ve added a new security measure that involves authentication and manual tracking. This system will be further improved on as Royalty and the Econ Department will work together to fine tune tracking and budgeting with this new system. If you withdraw large amounts from your Camnet accounts, expect minor delays as this system is extremely new and has a few kinks to work out (favoring Security over Convenience).


    In Summary

    • Econ Archducal role will be transitioning from Azazel to Alphalion
    • New “Bottom up” Growth program in the works
    • New banking system being implemented with Safety Features



    Knights of Camelot (IA & Milcom)

    Internal Affairs of Camelot is currently Co-Lead by Archdukes Random and Hatebi. Milcom is headed by Archduke Sweden. Both departments have recently released a monthly report (Sept. 2020)


    We are still working every day to provide an active and engaging community and have done an excellent job in doing so thanks to the self proclaimed “Best Department” Internal Affairs. Right now IA is working on a new internal audit to check activity and builds (Along with Econ and Milcom). IA is also working on new activities for the alliance and are pitching ideas for fun things for you knights to do. Monk Gyatso (MTG) is still working with the House System and introducing a League of Legends tournament to that system. Be sure to be active in your house/guild, as it's under review by the government for viability. Lastly we are proud to announce that Hatebi, the head of Avalon academy, has now become a new Archduke and Co-Head of IA due to her excellent and meritorious work. Activity is always an issue we try to tackle and that is more true now than ever. Due to the long peace, certain knights have started to grow content with not logging in and caring for their nation. We here in Camelot Government will work with people and are very understanding of different situations, but after an issue becomes seemingly chronic, we will not shy away from penalizing and even kicking members. Royalty and the IA and Milcom department heads will be introducing a new and clear policy in regards to inactivity ingame as it can cause serious issues for the entire Alliance if left unchecked.


    Our Milcom staff have been busy under Archduke Sweden. As of right now there are MMR changes which includes dropping the barracks out of our current builds. Along with the MMR review we need every member to have their warchest on their nation. If you do not have the proper amount of resources please prioritise it. The resources we hold is the first we use if under attack. Any member that does not have adequate resources is a chink in our armor that we cannot afford. As a final reminder, keep up with game updates as there are more military changes that might come in October that could possibly change the Meta again. If anyone has been spied let any gov member know. If you have any questions contact Archduke Sweden, who will have a more in depth post on the forums.


    In Summary

    • Hatebi Gets promoted to Archduke of IA
    • New inactivity policy
    • House program introducing a League Tournament
    • House Program under Government review
    • Milcom addressing potential changes coming October
    • Drop 1 barrack from your city and make a raw resource or manufacturing improvement instead



    The World's a Stage (FA)

    Foriegn Affairs in Camelot is currently lead by Archdukes Azazel and Aero and recently released their monthly report for the department (Sept. 2020)


    Camelot on the world stage has experienced an extremely long peace lately but we are always on the watch for future conflicts. Our treaty with Rose has remained very strong and both governments are constantly in touch with each other. We are proud to announce that we have recently upgraded Atlas Technologies to an MDOaP treaty after their impressive growth while under our protection. We have also removed our “Shoot First” policy with raiding incidents. No other major changes have happened with the department as of late. 


    Only minor Foreign Affairs  incidents have happened involving us and our image improves everyday because of it. Let’s keep this up as we strive for a positive and strong reputation away from our IQ past. Remember our raiding policy as consequences will come if it's not followed to the letter and behave in our own and other Politics & War servers (no threatening/ shit talking other alliances, even if you don’t mean it). Remember to connect with our allies too and join the Roselot Discord (link here)


    In Summary

    • Upgrade with Atlas Tech
    • Removal of “Shoot First” policy



    Closing Thoughts

    There have been many changes over the past several months (since the last address) and it is impossible to list them all here. Royalty will be posting a State of the Kingdom Address on a regular basis (along with the other department updates) to help keep fellow knights informed on happenings within Camelot’s government. Be sure to keep tabs on the Notice Board in our Discord and be responsive to our government members if they ping/dm you.


    Finally, remember to register for the Camelot Forums here and Camnet here if you have not already. For those who have forum accounts and have not received camelot rewards, please dm Viselli at Viselli (General_Joe7)#4915 and he will give you the proper rewards.