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  1. Nuclear Fallout Is the subtitle of this next conflict that occurred in late-august. The 13 city nation 'United Pakistan' applied to Camelot, despite owing the 'Nuclear Knights' 100 million (because he left after taking grants), this was a top 15 alliance with 150,000 score and 60 members. KillzBob the head of Foreign Affairs and Heir to Nuclear Knights approached Epimetheus and negotiated the return of this money. Camelot agreed to repay it within 1 month since we were a smaller alliance. The Nuclear Knights initially agreed but changed their mind and launched 3 wars against 'United Pakistan,' the defender won all 3 wars with ground troops, missiles and nuclear weapons. The Nuclear Knights then demanded they launch more wars against Zain which Camelot refused to allow. Threatening war between our alliances. It was at this time that we aligned with Guardians of the Galaxy (who recognized our bravery and signed a protectorate) to roll Nuclear Knights: Preparing a blitz sheet and telling our members to be online. Outwardly the game speculated we would instead attempt this with 'Typhon' and 'La Mafia' since we had worked with them not a week prior, this was not the case and we never fought beside them again. Before the blitz we notified the Black Knights and they attempted to mediate hours before our attack. KillzBob in a panic couped the Nuclear Knights for approximately 6 hours, stalling out attack, before returning the alliance to its first leader. The Nuclear Knights lost a significant number of members and went from a top 15 alliance with a MDoAP with the Black Knights to a protectorate with 30 members, before ultimately transforming into the 'Solar Knights' when the rest of the old guard abandoned it.
  2. "It's like in the great stories. The ones that really mattered. Even if you were too small to understand why. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn’t. Because they were holding on to something... That there’s some good in this world. And it’s worth fighting for." Sword from Stone Camelot was formed on July 13th of 2018 by King Arthur and a handful of close friends. It was unlike the other alliances at the time, which hid behind larger alliances for protection and boasted of their ignorance to avoid conflict. Instead Camelot was one of the few paperless alliances of the time, whom you could count on one hand. And for a month this remained true as King Arthur's charisma worked its way into the hearts of his future Knights. The first to arrive was TheShadow, once a spy, now a master of military arts but who's rashness saw him exiled from all previous homes. The second to arrive was Epimetheus, once a king who's lords slaughtered themselves and ran from the battlefield, his only desire to regain his honor and overcome failure. These three heroes instilled in Camelot the values it will carry into the future: Courage, Ambition and Meritocracy.
  3. ~ The Magna Carta ~ Preamble The Kingdom of Camelot is a Meritocratic Kingdom with the King forming the head of the government along with the Royalty. Together, the realm strives to create an active community that is well trained and affluent. The economy is highly centralized and actively regulated to stimulate the growth and prosperity of the members of Camelot. The following articles make up the charter of Camelot which is considered a living document to be regularly maintained by the Royalty in tandem. Article I: The Government General Establishment and summary of the Government’s Powers Section I - Establishment All legislative and executive powers shall be vested in the government of Camelot. Section II - Admission Members of government shall be chosen by existing members of government under merit. When vacancies happen in the government departments, the government shall fill in such vacancies. Details on Government admission further expanded on in Article II of this charter Section III - Policy Proposal Any policy may be set forth by an Archduke regarding their department and must be notified to Royalty. Royalty holds the power to veto any proposal with a majority ‘nay’ vote amongst themselves. Royalty reserves the power to hold a vote for policy approval if deemed necessary Article II: The Round Table Government Roles, Departmental Duties and Separation of Powers Section I - Royalty and the Throne The Leaders, known as Royalty, consist of King Arthur, the Sorceress Morgana Epimetheus, the Wizard Merlin Uriah and the great Knight Lancelot Viselli, who all work in tandem to ensure the growth and wellbeing of the Kingdom of Camelot and its Knights. They are the ones responsible for important matters as well as the delegation and smooth running of the government. The Royalty are the only ones with the power to declare war and white peace. They may also demote or promote anyone in the rest of government at their will. King Arthur is the current Sovereign Ruler of the Kingdom of Camelot and holds the highest title in the land with supreme executive and judicial powers. Morgana and Merlin are the primary advisors and protector to the King. They are the holder of secrets of the arcane realm. They ensure that the Round Table is on task and that everything in the Kingdom is running smoothly by delegating their plans to the various department heads. Lancelot is the King’s trusted Knight and is charged by him to defend Camelot’s treasures from those who may try to take them. Section II - Government Departments The following is a list of the Departments that make up the core of Camelot's Government and important information about them. No government member should infringe on another's responsibilities. Additional government posts can be added or removed at will of ¾ royalty vote, however the core departments cannot be removed. Archduke of Foriegn Affairs (AoF): Azazel, Aero Responsible for maintaining relations with other alliances Responsible for reviewing treaties monthly and reporting on them Responsible for dealing with other alliances regarding raids Responsible for discussions with new potential allies Responsible for bringing new treaties to vote in the government Archduke of Internal Affairs (AoI): RandomDude Responsible for training, accepting or denying potential new knights Responsible for record keeping on all current and former knights Responsible for maintaining an active community. Archduke of Econ (AoE): Azazel, Alphalion (In Training) Responsible for creating grant and loan programs Responsible for the execution of said programs Responsible for handing out aid during conflicts Responsible for building an alliance warchest that conforms to needs. Archduke of Milcom (AoM): George Patton Responsible for the creation and upkeep of a Counter force Responsible for setting and updating rules for raiding Responsible for countering incoming raids and notifying AoF of said raid Responsible for wartime operations Responsible for updating the DEFCON counter Archduke of Technology (AoT): Responsible for maintaining Camelot external sites like Camnet Responsible for maintaining Camelot Discord bots Responsible for hosting Camelot Official gaming servers The Archdukes of Camelot shall serve as departmental heads, in charge of the policymaking of their respective departments and communicating changes to the Royalty. Archdukes shall be assigned by the Royalty based on the merit of the individual and a majority agreement. Archdukes are responsible for keeping the Alliance up to date on their respective departments by posting Monthly Reports on the forums Archdukes may only be demoted or removed from government by ¾ majority agreement of the Royalty Section III - Voting protocols In an effort to maintain a stable government and alliance, Camelot employs voting for some of our more sensitive changes. While not limited to this list, the ones listed here require a vote. Only Archdukes and higher may vote in these matters. New treaties require a simple majority Dropping treaties requires a simple majority Declaring an offensive war requires a supermajority Peace terms require a simple majority The following is the protocol for a simple majority vote Vote is posted on the Camelot forums in the voting room A 24 hour discussion follows A 24 hour vote follows 50% +1 is required for a passing vote, anything less is deemed a failing vote. A ¾ “No” vote by Royalty is deemed a veto, anything less will result in votes being counted normally. The following is the protocol for a supermajority vote Vote is posted on the Camelot forums in the voting room A 48 hour discussion follows A 72 hour vote follows 74% +1 is required for a passing vote, anything less is deemed a failing vote. A ¾ “No” vote by Royalty is deemed a veto, anything less will result in votes being counted normally. Section IV - Knights of the Round Table Dukes - FA, IA, Milcom, Econ Counts - FA, IA, Milcom, Econ The remainder of the Knights of the Round Table are the Dukes and Counts of Camelot which make up the bulk of Camelot’s government Dukes serve as a second in command of their respective departments and hold High government responsibilities. Dukes serve at will of their respective Archduke. As they are deemed second in command of their department, they are not allowed to hold any other post in Camelot. Counts serve as the low government, responsible for day to day operations assigned to them by Dukes and Archdukes Archdukes may appoint new Counts or a new Duke in their department Royalty may veto any appointment to government by the Archdukes with valid reasoning. Vetoes require ¾ vote of Royalty. Article III: Knighthood Section I - Admission New members may be admitted through the submission of an application on the forums, agreeing to the use of Discord for communications, and the completion of Avalon Academy. The Archduke of IA shall have the power to dispose of applicants and the ability to make any rules and regulations concerning the application process. Section II - Rights of the Knights The Kingdom of Camelot shall guarantee the protection of every active member from raiders or other acts of unwarranted aggression. Every active member of Camelot has the right to apply for and receive grants they qualify for. Every member of Camelot has the right to apply for department positions. Section III - Departure A person wishing to to depart the Kingdom of Camelot must Notify the AoI 2 weeks ahead of time Pay back all debts and grants received in the last 90 days. Upon completion of these steps, the Knight may exit the Kingdom in good standing. Article IV: Judiciary Section I - Removing a member In the event a member of Camelot commits an act that warrants the removal of such member the following steps may be taken An Archduke posts a thread with a vote explaining why the member should be removed. The thread must be located in the Royal Chambers section of the forums. A 24 hour vote will follow including all government. Majority rules. In the event the vote passes to expel the member, the member will be damasked and removed immediately. Finally the member will be added to the the “less than diplomacy” policy, under “kicked nations” ¾ majority vote of Royalty against can overrule a majority vote in favor. Additionally a 4/4 royalty vote in favor will automatically deem the vote as “for” kicking the member. Section II - Blacklisting a nation In the event that a nation of Orbis commits an offense against the Kingdom of Camelot, a vote can be proposed to add them to the “less than diplomacy” policy. The following steps must then be taken. An Archduke posts a thread with a vote explaining why the nation should be added. The thread must be located in the Royal Chambers section of the forums. A 24 hour vote will follow including all government. Majority rules. In the event the vote passes to add the nation, the nation will be added to the policy immediately In the event someone wishes to remove a nation from the policy, a unanimous vote of Royalty and ⅔ of the Archdukes will allow the nation to be removed. Article V: Amendment Process Whenever deemed necessary, the government shall propose amendments to this Great Charter. Any proposals shall become a part of the Great Charter when approved by ¾ of the government of the Kingdom. Additionally, members may bring forth amendments to the AoI to review. The AoI may then choose to bring them forward to the government or to refuse it with valid reasoning. Article VI: Oath and Supremacy This Great Charter and the laws of Camelot, made under the authority of Camelot and the King, shall be the supreme law of the land. All members of this alliance shall be bound, by oath or affirmation, to support this Great Charter. Article VII: Ratification Ratification of the Magna Carta/Great Charter shall be conducted with the approval of the majority of the members of the government. Proposals for Amendments- Refer to Article V 1st Amendment: Right to bear airplanes A well regulated military, being necessary for the security of a free Kingdom, the right of the people to keep and bear airplanes, shall not be infringed.
  4. Moonlit Walk Otherwise known as 'Shadow's Rebuild War' this was Camelot's debut conflict against a self-proclaimed hegemonic bloc in the lower-tier. During their first month of existence, Camelot had grown to 20 members, including the three heroes, with an average of 10 cities and 1,000 score. And now they sought to rebel against those who would so callously impose their will on others and proclaim sovereignty before they had even fought the war. Knowing the odds were stacked so heavily against them, Camelot enlisted the help of Typhon an alliance all three heroes were familiar with, an enemy... a rival... an ally of Camelot's ancestor-alliances. And at the time, a fellow paperless alliance whom they deemed honorable. Typhon stood 60 members strong at 36,000 score. On the 19th of August, 2018. Camelot and Typhon blitzed the Empire of Moonlit Sakura. The only member of this bloc without a 'protectorate' from a top 30 alliance. Our strategy was bold and simple, by attacking one member of the bloc the other three signatories would come to their aid; resulting in a 4/2 we were confident could be won through our superior skill. Unexpectedly an ally of Vanguard Bloc named 'La Mafia' joined the attack on the Empire of Moonlit Sakura. But decided to 'white peace' at the behest of their allies. Over the next 48 hours, The Silk Road entered into negotiations with Camelot, refusing to defend their ally and enter into a war in which they held a numerical, economic and political advantage... During this time they displayed the cowardice that would eventually destroy them. First it began with a group chat, but after Camelot refused to accept anything but their surrender, the negotiators for Silk Road began adding random members of Rose, The Commonwealth and Vanguard. They attempted to fool and intimidate us but we saw this for what it was and left the chat after 3 hours of repetition. Every hour that passed, Camelot and Typhon destroyed more of the Empire of Moonlit Sakura's units. The Silk Road knew this and created a new 'peace server,' to negotiate. Camelot participated for an hour but eventually retired after their hosts began locking channels and deleting messages to remove context. Dishonorable. Out of options the United Nations of Culture, asked Vanguard Bloc (with whom they had their protectorate) to negotiate on their behalf. WSPhoenix reinvited Camelot to the peace server and immediately began threatening us. This failed. WSPhoenix then consulted with the Black Knights, requesting that they cancel their treaties with Camelot, the Black Knights abstained. This failed. Finally, a second diplomat from Vanguard Bloc arrived and after being more respectful than the previous delegations reached an agreement with us. And even as this was signed, WSPhoenix attempted to trick us into agreeing to peace without our partner Typhon. Camelot refused and the deal proceeded as normal. One of our final requests was to delete the peace server, in which so much was taken out of context. The second diplomat from Vanguard Bloc granted our heroes Admin and they proceeded to copy all that was of relevance before deleting it. After a day or two the heroes looked back and noticed that there were several channels they had never seen 'Coalition planning' and the like. They now had the opportunity to learn their opponents true intentions, included in these logs, were future plans to wait out the NAP and attack Typhon. As well as coerce the Black Knights into cancelling Camelot before the next major-war. Camelot revealed these plans to Typhon and signed a Mutual Defense Pact, ending the plot. Ultimately leaving the Black Knights to come to their own conclusions.
  5. Fealty and Faux Finality After a month of remaining unaligned and paperless, the three heroes convened and discussed the future. There existed four empires at the time which dominated anyone that stood in their way and sized each other up for colossal conflicts. The heroes agreed treaties were necessary but unlike other alliances that begged, they sat and decided who they would grace with their allegiance. Loyalty is not bought and neither is the honor that inspires it. The Syndicate Self-exiled for over a year after their hegemony defeated the combined forces of the Inquisition. Rumors persisted that like before they demanded the obedience of their allies. Perhaps this improved the younger alliances they invested in but Camelot was a free spirit and would not bind it's wings. The Knights Radiant A lone super power that thrived in the hegemony of the past. Their theme and code of honor was well respected by the heroes but recent and opportunistic wars stained their history and painted a large target upon their back. Paperless An unwritten sphere unto itself. To be be truly paperless, one would fight where and how they desired. Not bound by contract or blood but by a spirit of entertainment. All three heroes wished to embody this... but the other paperless alliances of the day instead sought profit and the humiliation of their enemies. The Inquisition The Three heroes knew the Inquisition the best of all the empires. Not necessarily for their kindness, abilities or values although they possessed a measure of each. But for their reliability. Unlike the others, the most prominent reason against aligning with this empire was shame, for Epimetheus did not wish to burden them or deliver false promise after his cowardly lords fled in the last great campaign. The heroes voted and the next day, King Arthur approached the Black Knights of The Inquisition. The vote had passed 2/3 with King Arthur and Shadow in favor and Epimetheus against.
  6. Alex has banned them, this investigation has been a complete success. Additionally Dusty had admitted to the crime in private. And left most pnw servers, as well as blocked a number of friends.
  7. 3bil in cash and 4bil of resources were stolen from BoC. Doran promoted 'Mary's lil lamb' to head of econ, and according to him misclicked and granted them heir not officer in-game. They proceeded to take out a bunch of loans in BoCs name, 7bil of cash and then delete. Transferring the resources to an unknown nation. And promoting Firwof to leader of BoC, whilst he was offline and a normal member of the aa. Nokia Is Mary's sole friend besides Doran and Hagvelle... A suspicious BoC member with a similar speech pattern who held econ before Mary and left on the Saturday.
  8. Dusty flat out refused to show dms between them. This leads me to believe my first assumption was correct. There are none. Rvdnnif he provides screenshots, ie ask for him to screenshare and hit Cntrl+r
  9. First he claims he knew and helped them out. Then when I ask to see the messages he claims they're uninteresting. When I pressure this, he claims to have given them 40 sheets, some opsec, which is inconsistent given they were a 15 day old nation at the time according to him. I tell him to remove them, he dodges and invokes when I caught his last theft... Nice dusty. Deflecting from the fact you robbed BoC again by bringing up the other time you robbed BoC. My goal here is to see he has no dms with them, as that would imply they are def a multi and no sheets were exchanged. Or in the case he spoke to himself, to log more examples of them fking up more spelling.
  10. The 2.8bil he stole from them directly. And the 3bil they'd have to 'repay' him +interest.
  11. Dusty is a fking genius. He gave them a loan out of his own money. Stole it. Halved the amount because he's 'generous' and encouraged them to pay that back. So he'd get even more money out of them. Their bank x2.
  12. I did another search for 'becuase' because it has the same 'ua' fuck up. Dusty again does it wrong but so does this person who makes a similar mistake. But unlike Dusty and Mary he only does it for 1 word. Not 3 in the case of Dusty 'Cause, Because and Caught'
  13. Oh incase you thought it was just 'cuase', no. In my dm with Mary he also spells 'caught' as 'cuaght' A quick search later and... Ta dah In this second message. Dusty edits it but again doesn't remove the spelling error.
  14. Dusty gives Doran an interesting warning about Firwof wanting to be leader last week. Strangely, Mary promotes Firwof to leader for the reason "he thought he could do a better job." Dusty was learning things in BoC through his multi Mary and revealing it on his main account.
  15. Dusty andand Mary in thethe BoC server. More evidence they are the only ones who spell it this way. It's a stupid fk up. He got so close to getting away with it lol. And failed.
  16. As for why some of the bravado sis similar to Akuryo, we'll Dusty's spent a lot of time around them now. His sense of humor and superiority complex has adjusted. For all the ways to catch him. This is the funniest
  17. It isn't a case of misspelling. You'll notice in my dm with Mary. He edits his post, but he still misspelled it. It's because he doesn't realize he's spelling it wrong. It's a unique learning gap. Dusty proves for a fact its him, because he displays this exact same failure consistently.
  18. An alternative to this theory is the fact two nations appeared today at roughly the same time as the coup. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=195644 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=195615 One named Caspian, the other using a name Queen Robin used for businesses. They've worked together to coup small alliances in the past. So perhaps they're at it again? The one issue with this theory is that their leader names are so similar.
  19. Some updates. Dusty has a weird habit of spelling things in a similar way to this 'Mary' and Mary claimed to have used his sheets to get econ in BoC in the first place. What's weird about this, is they can't have used BoC's old sheets since BoC already had those, so they had new ones from dusty... As for how much was stolen https://i.ibb.co/NjDzFpn/unknown-13-2.png In two different dms. Mine and Hagvels. Mary spells 'cause' incorrectly as 'cuase,' Dusty makes the exact same mistake 5 times. 3 in public, 2 in my dms.
  20. Camelot is meritocracy and chaos given form. You will find we are one of the most unique alliances in the game and this is because we're playing for fun. So here's a list of ways we'll make this browser-sim easier and more engaging than everyone else. Reasons to join Camelot City Grants: We offer you (no interest) loans for you to buy Cities 2-18 and half the amount for Cities 19-30. Infrastructure Grants: New Knights are given 100mil+ to grow their cities to 2,000 infrastructure. Project Grants: In-between buying cities we fund 9 projects to improve your industry and military. PvP / War: Camelot launches and participates in Alliance Wars and Tournaments involving thousands of other players. History: Our accomplishments will be remembered, we record every war and feat of our members and the game at large. Meritocracy: If you put in the effort you'll be given more opportunities and a higher rank in the alliance. Community: Camelot is a 100+ member alliance which hosts a variety of events and competitions, as well as an active discord. Requirements Before submitting your application, be sure to complete these tasks: Switch to a Custom Flag or the Alliance Flag. Apply to Camelot in-game: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/join/id=4937 Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/9eNvpHZ Applying Create a `New Topic` in this sub-forum, it will come formatted, just fill in your details.