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How to Apply!


Camelot is meritocracy and chaos given form. You will find we are one of the most unique alliances in the game and this is because we're playing for fun. So here's a list of ways we'll make this browser-sim easier and more engaging than everyone else.

Reasons to join Camelot

  • City Grants: We offer you (no interest) loans for you to buy Cities 2-18 and half the amount for Cities 19-30.
  • Infrastructure Grants: New Knights are given 100mil+ to grow their cities to 2,000 infrastructure.
  • Project Grants: In-between buying cities we fund 9 projects to improve your industry and military. 
  • PvP / War: Camelot launches and participates in Alliance Wars and Tournaments involving thousands of other players.
  • History: Our accomplishments will be remembered, we record every war and feat of our members and the game at large.
  • Meritocracy: If you put in the effort you'll be given more opportunities and a higher rank in the alliance.
  • Community: Camelot is a 100+ member alliance which hosts a variety of events and competitions, as well as an active discord.

Before submitting your application, be sure to complete these tasks:

  1. Switch to a Custom Flag or the Alliance Flag.
  2. Apply to Camelot in-game:
  3. Join our Discord:

Create a `New Topic` in this sub-forum, it will come formatted, just fill in your details.


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