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[Policy] Less than Diplomacy

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The Following members may never reapply or be accepted to Camelot or Camelot protectorates. Any alliance accepting these members be warned, we reserve the right to attack them at any point in time. Protectorates be warned, even under our protection we may see fit to attack a member on this list. 

Those alliance's we embargo are free to cease their transgression or misuse of the market and they will be removed from this list.


Asshats - Alliances Camelot Embargos

  1. The Knights Radiant - Trade Bot that detects mis-trades (and an unwillingness to return them)


Shit Heads - Nations barred from entering Camelot 

  1. Nokia - Handed an empty bank to the enemy coalition.
  2. American Syndicate (World Star) - Led his alliance to attack us whilst we were allies.
  3. Avatar Patrick - Abandoning position with little to no warning, failure to follow raid rules & leaving with debt. Additionally: Poaching, Spying, Harassing and attacking members.
    1. Jake Tapper / CNN News - Avatar Patrick Alt
  4. Christian Eriksen - Tampering with roles and discarding Camelot assets.
  5. George Patton - Leaving multiple times with no warning, leaving in debt

Less than Amazing People - Nations kicked from Camelot, however may reapply

  1. Mujtaba - Kicked for multiple rule violations 

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