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[Policy] Diplomacy First Policy


- Diplomacy First -

The purpose of this directive is to clearly outline Camelots policy regarding raids, counters and attacks on Camelot or her allies.

Diplomacy First
In the event a nation from an alliance in the top 30, or allied to a top 30 alliance, attacks or raids a Camelot member or ally, Camelot’s Archduke of Foreign Affairs will contact their respected alliances leader or head of Foreign Affairs to discuss the raid. Camelot will allow the raider / attacker to pay the damages in full to avoid any counters or other military action by Camelot.

Shoot Second
In the event a settlement can not be reached within 24 hours, Camelot will fully slot the raider / attacker. From this moment on, if the raider / attacker requests peace, they will be required to pay for the losses of the counters, on top of the original raid. This policy is in play to deter potential raiders. 

In the event a settlement is reached and agreed on by both parties, peace for the original raid and payment must be sent, during this time Camelot will NOT launch any attacks. Once any payments have been received and the original raid is peace, Camelot will authorize the counters to peace.  

Offshore Bank
Any attack on the offshore bank of Camelot will result in an “immediate counter” scenario.. This means, any raid or attack on the offshore bank of Camelot will result in immediate counters. These counters can be ended by paying reparations for the costs of the raid / attack. 


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