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Application - <Ruler name here>


Follow this format 

Nation Name:

Discord ID:

Recruited by:

How did you hear about Camelot?:

Were you ever a part of another alliance(s)? If so, state their names and why you left.:

Why do you want to join Camelot?:

What do you expect from and what can you offer Camelot?:

What is your play style, do you prefer sitting back and growing economically or keep a strong military and declare wars?

How knowledgeable are you on P&W? Have you played any similar games before?:

Activity is very important. We need members that can consistently check in, even just for a few minutes a day. Can you do this?:

Camelot provides grants for cities, projects, infrastructure and war resources in times of conflict. In order to fund this system, our tax rate is set to 60/60. To obtain these grants, you will have to use a specific build in your cities. This could mean changing your nation's continent and decommissioning military units. Is this okay?:

Camelot has a strict raiding policy which details acceptable raiding targets. Do you agree to not raid nations if doing so would violate our policies?:


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